Error sqlite attempt to write a readonly database svn

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sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database

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The Subversion client will run anywhere APR runs, which is most places. On Thu, 16 JanOlivier Berger wrote: > Are you suggesting that this wouldn't happen if we configured the SVN > repos differently, i.e. is only a side effect? > > Can you elaborate on the enable-rep-sharing = false?

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sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database

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Apr 10,  · sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database Showing of 4 messages. sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database: Adam Jensen: post commit FS processing had error: sqlite[S8]: attempt to write a readonly database Is this a known problem?

I see might be the problem: svn mkdir .

Error sqlite attempt to write a readonly database svn
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