File write attributes msdn library

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6 File Attributes

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The last write time of the independent. How to set extended file properties? Ask Question. However, to set an extended property you probably need a file format specific library.

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so that third-parties can write their own and extend the set of file types supported. Within an in an some sections of config, like appSettings and connectionStrings, supports the attributes file and configSource.

What is the difference between u. C# make file read/write from readonly. Ask Question. up vote 19 down vote There isn't an awfully descriptive note on the MSDN site The file is normal and has no other attributes set.

This attribute is valid only if used alone. what the above says is, "Set the attributes of file to the attributes of except for. Apr 19,  · Attributes are saved with the metadata of a Framework file and can be used to describe your code to the runtime or to affect application behavior at run time.

If the property's attribute equals its initialized value, you can access the property's metadata to. Sep 21,  · The content you requested has already been retired. It is available to download on this page. FILE_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES. (0x) Grants the right to change file attributes.

DELETE. (0x) Grants the right to delete the object. READ_CONTROL. (0x) Grants the right to read the information in the security descriptor for the object, not including the information in the SACL.

File write attributes msdn library
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