Php fputs vs fwrite api

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Nov 04,  · Hia, I have a form that collects a couple pieces of information including name and email. This form points to a script called In it, I generate. The function fwrite() writes nmemb elements of data, each size bytes long, to the stream pointed to by stream, obtaining them from the location given by ptr.

fwrite(3) - Linux man page Name fread, fwrite - binary stream input/output Synopsis. std:: FILE * fopen (const char * filename, const char * mode); Opens a file indicated by filename and returns a file stream associated with that file.

mode is used to determine the file access mode. Afterwards, fwrite() will safe your string data "as-is", and that is in PHP until now binary data, because strings in PHP are binary strings.

Background: Some systems differ between text and binary data.

Onkyo (TX-NR 1007) Webinterface Programming

This doc contains all php functions with definition. This is very useful for freshers as well as experiences for interview point. The fwrite() writes to an open file.

The function will stop at the end of the file or when it reaches the specified length, whichever comes first. This function returns the number of bytes written, or FALSE on failure.

Php fputs vs fwrite api
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