Regional aspiration rise of regional parties

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NCERT Class XII Political Science II: Chapter 8 – Regional Aspirations

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Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Syria Region

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Oct 12,  · Emergence of Regional Parties and its Implications October 12, India as a country has undergone many changes since its attainment of independence 65 years ago. The rise of powerful regional parties, demanding more and more autonomy, has undoubtedly made democracy more palpable to the Indian mass.

The process has definitely decentralised power from the. The rise and decline of regional parties in the North East: Liberty Institute, India Saturday, December 14, Abhijit Deb: In an era of coalition politics, when the regional parties are gaining prominence in the political map of the country, surprisingly, in north eastern states, most of the regional parties which were the end product of long drawn movement or armed struggle are fast.

The regional parties have provided a new dimension to the process of national integration and nation building. Regionalism has lost its aggressive from due to the positive role of regional political parties.

The leaders of regional parties have started playing an active and even deterministic role in the organisation of the Central government. Several regional parties become coalition partners of national parties in forming State Governments.

Some regional parties however, remain stable and major political formations in few States. In short, in our parliamentary coalition political system, the national parties cannot afford to ignore the regional political parties.

The rise of regional parties has indisputably transformed the very nature of electoral politics in India. For the foreseeable future, it is unimaginable that a single party could form the government in New Delhi—a testament enough to this tectonic shift.

Regional aspiration rise of regional parties
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