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Balancing Humility and the Credit You Deserve

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A lot of people forget what they want to ask when they get in there as appts are not very long and doctors do most of the talking.

Write your questions down and. Designing rigid, closed software that won't talk to the rest of the world is an unhealthy form of arrogance. Therefore, the Unix tradition includes a healthy mistrust of “one true way” approaches to software design or implementation.

A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word. It will act as a 'text reader' and create a spoken sound version of the text in the document and read it back to you as it highlights the words.

Talking Shapes Activities

Listen to the woman talking. Write the words you hear. Is your morning routine similar to hers? Otterwave uses “speech recognition software”to help you with your pronunciation. Huh? What does that mean? Right away, the app compares how your speech to the sample.

It compares how you pronounced the words and the timing of your speech.

Talking write away software store
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