Various languages in india

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Languages in India

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The word “rainbow” in various languages; German Regenbogen: Danish regnbue: Swedish regnbåge: Dutch regenboog: Old English: regnboga, seorboga “shower-bow”.

In the s a bitter conflict considering the status of various languages in India arose from concerns of the southern states (in which Hindi is not widely spoken) that the use of Hindi in the government services would disadvantage them for employment in those areas.

India Map in Various Languages

The Constitution of India has recognised 22 different languages that are prevalent in the country, out of which, Hindi is the official language and is spoken in most of the urban cities of India.

Other than these 22 languages, there are hundreds of dialects that add to the multilingual nature of the country. Indian languages sites Indian Languages History and literature Coins of various Dynasties, Coins of Ancient India, "Jesus Lived in India"Hindi-style English Calligraphy Hindi-style English Calligraphy Mantra Hindi Tattos by Anil Gupta Saraswati Cover: BalaGandharva.

The table below lists the official language of each country as well as other languages spoken.

Languages in India – How Many are There?

In selected countries, the percent of the population that speaks each language is also given. Indonesian: Saya cinta padamu Saya Cinta Kamu Aku tjinta padamu saya mengasihi saudari (formal expression from male to female) saya mengasihi saudara (formal expression from female to male).

LANGUAGE IN INDIA Various languages in india
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