Wikinews writing an article

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Wikinews/How to write a Wikinews article

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Wikinews/How to write a Wikinews article

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Five of the 24 contestants don't write articles for the english version of Wikinews. Writing one story a day is hard enough. I don't think many contestants will write five stories each day. Writing an article 21 + articles.

Русский Добавить новость 16 + статей. Français Écrire un article 20 + articles. Deutsch Schreibe einen Artikel 13 + Artikel. Español Escribir un artículo 11 + artículos.

Polski. Wikinews articles should not infringe on the copyright of any other work. So copying portions of text from other sources into a Wikinews article is usually not acceptable, and in some cases, even rewriting the content of another source is not sufficient.

If your article fits into any one of the Wikinews sections and reaches publication status (meets the wikinews standard of journalism), it will (most likely) count towards your standing.

The two articles you cited are relevant to UK and Australian Wikinews readers, and would definitely qualify in the contest. Writing an article 21 + articles. Русский Добавить новость 16 + статей. Français Écrire un article 20 + articles. Deutsch Schreibe einen Artikel 13 +.

Wikinews is a free-content news source wiki and a project of the Wikimedia site works through collaborative abrasiverock.comdia co-founder Jimmy Wales has distinguished Wikinews from Wikipedia by saying "on Wikinews, each story is to be written as a news story as opposed to an encyclopedia article." The neutral point of view policy espoused in Wikinews distinguishes it from.

Wikinews writing an article
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