Write android with c#

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Creating Android Apps using C# and Xamarin

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Lots of developers know how to write Android apps. Once all ok you will see the IDE which is not a cross between Visual Month and Eclipse, it has intellisense and extra text colours and highlighting. Android Things supports both Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy APIs. In this blog post, we will use the Bluetooth LE API to communicate between a server (an Android Things board) and a client (an Android app on a phone / watch).We will build a counter device for our awesomeness: every time you feel awesome (for any reason whatsoever), press a button on your mobile device.

No Java Required: Write Android Apps in C#. XobotOS is a Xamarin-developed project that translated millions of lines of Java to C#. By Keith Ward; 05/11/; Java is the underlying code for the Android OS. But one company has changed all that, ripping out most of the Java and replacing it with C#.

AIDE, which stands for Android IDE, is a complete integrated development environment for Android development. It lets you code and develop Android applications right on your Android device without the need of a computer system. Target Android, iOS, and Windows from a single code base.

You can build native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows by using C# or F# (Visual Basic is not supported at this time).

Writing simple code using Appium with C#

I recently got myself an Android mobile phone and was really interested in writing applications for it. After downloading the Android SDK as well as the bit Java SDK (noooooo!) I got it all installed and running the sample apps with Eclipse and browsed around the code.

Firstly, I wasn’t really too keen on getting into another development environment. Build Android apps from scratch or incorporate Java applications into your Android development process. Learn how to create an Android app by following along with the pros in these video tutorials.

Write android with c#
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Start Developing Apps in C# Instead of Java