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Glossary of ancient Egyptian terms and names

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Learn the differences, for when you talk to other APIs. So why the deified bulls? To the ancient Egyptians the bull Apis contained the divine manifestation of the god Ptah, and later of Osiris. The Apis bull was thus the actual receptacle selected by the soul of Ptah to come and incarnate in our Earth density.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses have been around longer than most cultures. Since roughly B.C. the people of Northeastern Africa have held the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses as protectors, guides, and heavenly beings.


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UPDATE Feb 2nd, 11pm: No further news of sites being attacked today, hopefully this is a good sign, but there have been a few note-worthy posts on the Facebook group Restore + save the Egyptian Museum, which I’d recommend following for updates directly from Egyptologists, some relayed from the field.I’m posting screen captures of them below: another report of Saqqara looting, a pledge by.

"A must read for the scholar who is interested in the Persian Empire, the rise of Alexander the Great, and the biblical books of Esther, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Daniel.

Writing apis bull
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